Friday, September 14, 2012

Field Update from Caborca, Sonora

The Fall Honeydew melon crop out of Caborca, Sonora is just around the corner.

The pictures below were taken within the last 10 days, and illustrate the health of the fields and the advancement of the fruit on the vine. Currently there is up to size 5ct fruit on the vine, and sugar is increasing daily. 

During the summer, the coastal agricultural regions of Sonora received more rain than usual, affecting to different degrees the various crops being grown for Fall harvest. As you can see below, the honeydew fields are in excellent condition, and we look forward to shipping top-quality fruit throughout the next three months. 

Please give us a call within the next week to get the latest update on shipping availability. At this moment we are shooting for the last week of September- weather permitting.

Honeydew Field in Caborca, Sonora. Mid September, 2012

Honeydew Field in Caborca, Sonora. Mid September, 2012

Honeydew Field in Caborca, Sonora. Mid September, 2012

Fruit currently on vine in the field pictured above.

Multiple stage setting of fruit.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Welcome to the official web page for Vandervoet and Associates, Incorporated.
We are fresh fruit and vegetable shippers and brokers based in Nogales, Arizona.

Vandervoet and Associates, Inc. was founded in 1994. Currently we ship Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and other varietal melons, as well as Watermelon grown in the state of Sonora, Mexico. Shipping seasons are October through December and April through June. We also broker winter fruits and vegetables out of Nogales, Arizona.

The purpose of this web log is to serve as a resource for actual and potential clients who are interested in progression of the spring and fall melon-growing seasons in Sonora, Mexico. We will provide updates on crop development and climate so as to better inform buyers of harvest trends.

Field Update from Hermosillo, Sonora- Part 4

Watermelon and Cantaloup are 7-10 days from harvest. A quick cooling period is expected this coming weekend, but then temperatures will pick back up, and push the fruit. Honeydew is 1 week behind the other melons. See the photos below. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Field Update from Hermosillo, Sonora- Part 3

The following photos were taken the week of April 2nd, 2012. 

At this stage white styrofoam platforms are placed under the cantaloupe melons. The melons are occasionally turned slightly to insure even ripening- although upon harvest you may notice the final foam resting position leaves four faint marks, in the shape of a cross. The presence of such faint marks (they can't always be seen) on harvested melons insures that the fruit was grown separated from the surface of the soil- thus reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

Cantaloupe Field

Cantaloupe on styrofoam

Cantaloupe Vine Production- melons are on styrofoam

Honeydew Field


Honeydew Vine Load

Watermelon Field


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Field Update from Hermosillo, Sonora- Part 2

These photos were taken the week of March 19th.

Cantaloupe rows

Cantaloupe melon

Cantaloupe melons

Honeydew Field

Honeydew rows

Honeydew melon

Watermelon rows


Monday, March 12, 2012

Field update from Hermosillo, Sonora- Part 1

These pictures were taken the week of March 12th









Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update from Caborca for Spring Harvest

Melon vines are a couple weeks old after transplanting (being started in a nearby greenhouse). The covering (Agribon) protects the young vines from cold nights and blowing sand.