Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring 2015 Melon Update

Update on Spring, 2015 Honeydew crop out of Caborca, Sonora.
Harvesting is predicted for the first week of May. During the upcoming production cycle, the farm will be audited for Fair Trade certification. This will be in addition to GlobalGAP certification that the location (Campo Puebla) has obtained for the last few years. In previous seasons the farm operated with a Rainforest Alliance certification, which ensured both biodiversity as well as sustainable livelihoods for employees.   

Protective tunnels ensure that young melon vines will get a healthy start. Rows are weeded regularly.
Initial flowering and pollination (via wind)  begins while vines are still covered in protective tunnels.

Monica- the namesake of the Monica's Pride honeydew melon label. 
Brian Vandervoet inspects progress of Honeydew melon vines


  1. I will be buying your melons based on your political views. Please advise.

  2. Thanks for sharing these land clicks. I had no idea before about how the watermelon originate from the land. But after seeing this post, i can say i have learned something. This is the power of the internet. Thanks again buddy!